The quality in our company is provided by three mineral material and asphalt concrete laboratories - in Talsi, Brocēni and Krustpils. All our laboratories provide measurements of frost resistance, drainage, crushed stone layer deformation module and compactness of the constructed roads and squares. The laboratories develop working formulas for asphalt concrete plants, as well as test the produced asphalt concrete in accordance with the requirements of the road standards and specifications.

Laboratory services 

Laboratory in Brocēni

"Ceļinieki", Brocēni, 
Brocēnu novads, LV-3851 
Tel./Fax: +371 63864363

Head of Laboratory

Jānis Šulcs
Tel.: +371 26314667

Laboratory in Jēkabpils

"Kurzemnieki”, Sankaļi, 
Krustpils novads, Krustpils pagasts, LV-2504

Head of Laboratory

Dace Ošeniece
Tel.: +371 26658566

„Villas”, Mundigciems
Talsu novads, Lībagu pagasts
Tel./Fax: +371 63222978

Head of Laboratory

Elvijs Rozentāls
Tel.: +371 29386596